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SFBT for Corporate Professionals

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) provides utility for corporate professionals due to its emphasis on brevity and respecting clients’ time commitments. This approach ensures efficiency by allowing busy individuals to make meaningful progress without prolonged therapy. For employers, it translates to cost efficiency and higher ROI. SFBT is effective in tackling a diverse range of concerns …

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Mindfulness Techniques and Limitations

For Indian employees, mindfulness fosters focus, stress reduction, and creative problem-solving. Executives gain composure, improving decision-making and conflict resolution. It cultivates corporate kindness and aids engineers in creative thinking. Even the busiest of all – working parents – can integrate mindfulness with simple steps like mapping their day, practicing gratitude, or pausing for their feelings. …

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NGOs Working for Underprivileged

Meaning of Non-Governmental Organization NGO as an association includes groups and institutions with primary humanitarian and cooperative objectives rather than commercial objectives completely or widely independent from Government. NGOs are private agencies that can support development at local, national and international levels by raising awareness, influencing policies, working on the ground, etc. [1] They work …

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