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1 out of 4 people need help with mental wellness. Krsh is building community-driven solutions for mental wellness.

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One Billion People are Facing Mental Health Challenges


Community-Driven Mental Wellness


Founder's journey from Fintech to Psychology

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"My father made me drink tea for the first time during entrance exams for MBBS which has become my addiction and after that I got addicted to coffee. Only scolding received was not blindly following their lifestyle. After therapy I took control of my life in my hands. I have stopped having gastritis and digestion problems. My stress has much reduced, I feel much calmer, having better quality of sleep. I have more clarity now. I feel more wise now in a real sense."
Anonymous Male
Tea Coffee Dependency


Krsh follows the culture of a tech enabled startup

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"I was leading a hectic life as I was a teacher with one of the leading public schools and was looking after home with two growing up kids. I took retirement in 2016. By that time my both children had settled in jobs and got married. My husband had his own priorities in corporate life. There was loneliness and an empty nest feeling. I started taking counseling in 2020. I don't have support from my husband but I am sure I am on the right path now."
Anonymous Female
Loneliness and Demotivation


Psychology Community

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"After 40 years the situation has not improved but my response has improved. Spirituality and all counselors helped me. I am forever indebted to Krsh Welfare Foundation."
Anonymous Female
Marital Disharmony


Free Hotline for College Students

"I was depressed in November and December because of the behavior of my husband, family members and also my colleagues. Day by day my situation becomes worse. The day I joined counseling my life totally changed. This was the best medicine for my depression... by the therapy given by therapists... like everything vanished ...and now I am happy."
Anonymous Female
Relationship Issues


NOT Ignoring big problems

"I was living with my parents during that lockdown period and at that time my mother was in depression for 3yrs. Her treatment was going on but the results were not that good. My whole family was upset due to her depression. She behaved very badly with my father and us. We don't know what to do then suddenly Krsh Therapist comes into our life through my friend. We started reading Geeta. I used to tell my mother whatever I read. My father was also at home due to a lockdown so he used to cook everyday for us. The bond we were lacking with our family became strong. Therapy helped me to handle this situation and cleared all my doubts.Counseling helped to make my family happy, to live happily, I started loving my mother, we used to go on walks daily."
Anonymous Female
Relationship Issues
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