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Psychotherapy Made Easy

Connect over WhatsApp and talk straight to a qualified psychotherapist, at no cost. The psychotherapist understands your requirements.

Get therapy session over a video call or audio call, as per your own convenience.

Follow the Therapy Plan created based on your concerns, expectations, interests and situation.

Why is it important to speak out?

Due to social pressure, we often follow what’s scientifically called “toxic positivity”. We dress nicely, go out and smile, trying to hide what’s burning us from inside. But while faking to the world, you also fake to yourself, and keep ignoring the underlying toxicity. It’s like closing your eyes to reality and getting stuck inside a suffocating bag.
What follows is unhealthy eating habits, irregular sleep, frustration, loss of self-confidence, and other similar concerns.
If you feel your life is going beyond your control, or that the behavior of someone you love is not progressive, it’s time to connect them with Krsh Welfare Foundation.

Structure of Psychotherapy Sessions

Get sessions by professional psychotherapists and medical intervention by a psychiatrist may be provided if required.

Each therapy session is typically of 40-minute. The frequency of sessions may be once in 15 days, once a week or twice a week… it all depends on the severity and urgency of your concern.

The therapy style is Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). It can be a mix of CBT and SFBT. For the therapy to work, it is important to be regular and communicate clearly.

Realistic expectations are set up before the sessions are started. Positive outcomes may take 3 sessions or more depending on the situation.

The overall therapy process is supervised by multiple experts. Feedback from you and the psychotherapist is taken after each session.

Your confidentiality is not compromised in any case, you get a comfortable environment to open your heart.

Sustainable support is provided through Therapy Plan.

We care for Your Concern


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