Pro Insights

Enabling You for Success: insights on productivity, life hacks, and mental well-being.

Existential Crisis: Explore how feelings of existential crisis might be the very spark you need to transform your life for a bigger goal.

Sleep Therapy: Two-third of workforce is sleep deprived. Discover 20 easy hacks for enhanced focus and peak performance in the workplace through sleep therapy.

Stress Therapy: Stress can be the potion to ignite your focus, or the jet fuel that propels you through deadlines. Uncover hacks to turn stress from foe to friend.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) provides utility for corporate professionals due to its emphasis on brevity and respecting clients’ time commitments.

Mindfulness at Work: Contrary to general belief, mindfulness exercises can have negative impact. Explore insights to integrate mindfulness at your workplace.

Burnout Recovery: Indian employees reported highest levels of burnout symptoms across 30 countries. Burnout Playbook reveals strategies for prevention and recovery.

Couples Therapy: safeguards you from generic advice for improving relationships. It identifies underlying issues and improves intimacy.

Fund Utilizations by NGOs in India: Unfortunately, NGOs contribute for economic mess and political mess. Read here about the challenges of your donation money being misused by an NGO.

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