It Starts With Trust

HR professionals who love their employees place their trust in us. We’re incorporated as a nonprofit to focus on service. Commerce does not distract our evidence-based mental health model to nurture a thriving workplace.

Made for India

We’ve kept things simple the Indian way. No apps to download, no websites to login. WhatsApp reminders, self-assessments and a trusted phone number to dial 24×7 is all that is needed to support employees for success.

We work on root causes which cause office conflicts, lack of missionary spirit, low employee morale, lack of motivation, low mood; and, ultimately low productivity and low work output.

100% Happiness

Evidently, 88% feel better with our therapeutic service. Around one in twenty describe it as a life-transforming experience. With our pay-per-use model, you only pay for the services your employee take.

Safe & Comfy Space

India has more diverse ideologies and cultures than the entire Europe. We’re multiculturally sensitive, non-judgemental and a staunch privacy advocate. But most importantly, clients identify us for having a healing heart.

Optimal Utilization

Traditional EAPs have utilization below 10% due to privacy concerns, formal procedures, trust issues and lack of regular education. Get our proposal to see how we overcome obstacles of hesitations, inhibitions, stigma and taboo.

Happiness Hotline

On a hotline provided by HR, can employees talk about office conflict and/or lack of productivity? Can they express unfavorable views about their boss? Sure they can, if the hotline is managed by Krsh Welfare Foundation.


  1. Active Listeners: Sometimes, a lot of things get sorted out just by having someone to speak to. Our trained active listeners help your employees to break barriers of hesitations, inhibitions and stigma to speak their concerns.
  2. Therapists: Our panel of therapists bring diverse expertise and experience to address a plethora of challenges for the employees.
  3. Psychiatrists: Employees who need immediate relief with a pill can take prescription from our psychiatrists.
  4. Coaches: Employees can privately discuss workplace issues like conflicts, change, stress, existential crisis etc.

We take many extra steps in our overall process to improve employee wellbeing. We provide a pay-per-use model along with transparent reporting to ensure peace of mind. You only pay for the therapy your employee receives. For a detailed proposal, please contact us on [email protected]

Yes, we organize check-up camps with quick self-assessments. The overview report is shared with management while keeping confidential the sensitive personal responses of employees.

Employees are sent weekly well-being bulletin on WhatsApp along with hotline details to access expert help. That’s all.

Clinical sleep difficulties are faced by one-third of people in India (Fitbit, 2019). Around 60% Indians feel sleepy during work hours (WakeFit, 2023) which translates to loss in productivity. Similarly, an employee going through a turbulent phase in personal relationships may be distracted at work.

We follow Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) which is one of the most popular therapy styles used worldwide. Aspects of SFBT are thoroughly covered in scientific journals and are peer reviewed. For further information please contact us to book a call with our organizational consultant.

Krsh uses scaling methodology, along with pre-therapy and post-therapy assessments to quantify results. Our medically reviewed assessments can be self-administered online on mobile phone, which makes the overall process friendly and seamless.

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